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Lexus pairs with Taiwanese luxury boat builder Horizon Yachts

Lexus is to pair up with Taiwanese luxury boat builder Horizon Yachts as the car brand prepares to have another go in the motor yacht world.

In addition, Horizon also announced a new 130ft plus model.

Lexus made its entry into yachting with the Lexus LY 650, the first motor yacht from the luxury car brand, designed in collaboration with Italian yacht design studio Nuvolari Lenard.

The yacht was first launched in 2019 in the US. At the time of its launch, Lexus hinted that the yacht would be the first in a family of Lexus-badged motor yachts.

The latest model to be built in conjunction with Horizon Yachts is a 68-footer known as the LY 680.

The yacht will be built by Vision Shipyard, the Horizon Group’s facility designed specifically to build vessels from 52 to 80ft and is expected to launch in Japan in 2025.

Speaking at a Horizon Gala Dinner, general manager of Toyota Marine Business Department, Go Hayashi, said the company is investing significantly to expand the brand beyond cars and further into the luxury lifestyle sector.

The new Lexus motor yacht was teased in a presentation that also announced that Horizon recently had commissioned a new 1000-tonne boat lift, capable of lifting a yacht of up to around 60 metres in length.

Further details of the new Lexus yacht are expected to be released in a few weeks’ time.

Parent company of Lexus, Toyota, has a separate marine division and has produced a range of smaller cruisers under the Ponam brand ranging from 26 to 45ft.


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