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ICOMIA forms new ICOMIA Diversity Committee

The International Council of Marine Industry Associations, ICOMIA, has formed a new ICOMIA Diversity Committee.

The committee – open to all ICOMIA members – has been formed in response to requests from members and in an effort to raise the profile of this topic.

ICOMIA points out that reports show that increasing diversity not only reinforces greater social responsibility but can also drive growth and innovation.

“This is a hugely important step forward from a diversity perspective, but it also aims to increase the cultural and social economic relevance of the leisure marine industry,” said ICOMIA president Darren Vaux.

One of the first areas of discussion for the committee will be addressing the lack of diversity data for the industry.

“Gathering data is of course a primary and fundamental requirement, and so one of the tasks for the ICOMIA Diversity Committee will be to commission a study to determine a baseline and obtain insights,” said committee chair Melanie Symes. “This will help create indicators to measure progress.”

The committee’s immediate objectives are to conduct a comprehensive industry assessment to obtain a representation of workforce gender and age structures.

In addition, it will aim to identify barriers to greater diversity, to gather examples of good practice in the industry and to develop positive roles models and thought leaders to shift perspectives.

ICOMIA is an international non-profit membership organisation serving the recreational boating industry.

Members are national recreational marine industry associations as well as businesses that support the industry.


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