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Fundamental problems in the marine industry

Cardinal Sin provides his thoughts on how to improve the marine industry

While disrobing the other day, a thought occurred to me, along with a thought on a fundamental problem within the marine sector.

In the cottage industry of UK Marine – that we all like to think is massive – we have overlooked an obvious opportunity.

Marine engineering – invests thousands in a vessel to then sell for millions.

Automotive engineering – invests millions in products to then sell for thousands.

You may ask who cares? We make vessels that people in a very narrow income band buy and they do so again and again.

Working together

And think about it – you all have cars, how many of you have a boat?

If you worked together and invested in the engineering of the products, you could make better vessels for less – and faster.

This increases the opportunity to reduce selling prices, broadening the width of the income band of who could then afford your product and therefore increasing volume.

Are we not as an industry supposed to be getting more people involved in boating, or in are we happy to stick to the narrow income band and keep the riff raff out?

People you need to catch up and engineer yourself out of your problems as no-one else will do it for you.


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