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Developer of new 90 berth Greek superyacht marina announced

A new Greek superyacht marina is to be built, providing space for 90 berths up to 100 metres.

The Argostoli marina in Cephalonia is to be developed by A1 Yacht Trade Consortium which will invest more than €30 million.

In addition to the berths, the development will include buildings, roads, green areas, stores and different types of accommodation.

The marina will have a land area of 48,000sqm and a sea area of 26,000sqm, with A1 Yacht Trade Consortium’s tender accepted by the board of directors of The National Fund of Greece.

The tender agreement will be for at least 40 years with A1 Yacht Trade Consortium paying a one-off consideration of €1.5 million.

An annual consideration amounting to 1.9% of gross revenues from the operation of the marina will also be paid.

The €30 million investment will be to upgrade existing infrastructure and maintain it.

“The declaration of a Preferred Investor marks the beginning of a new era of growth for Argostoli Marina, which will significantly enhance the tourist product of Kefalonia,” said the National Fund of Greece board of directors in a statement.

In a statement, A1 Yacht Trade Consortium added: “We are very excited to begin development on this project and will release further information at a later date.”

A1 Yacht Trade Consortium provides a range of shipyard and superyacht services.


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