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New Gobius C tank contents monitoring system

Marine sanitation company LeeSan has introduced the Gobius C Micro Radar tank contents monitoring system.

The externally top mounted system has been designed to provide users with exact and continuous level and volume data of contents, regardless of the geometry of the tank.

Two versions of the monitoring system are available – an Analogue unit and a Digital unit.

The Analogue system can be connected to an existing analogue system where it can be used for monitoring contents and switching equipment such as pumps on and off.

The more sophisticated Digital system can be linked to an industry standard NMEA 2000 interface to enable it to control multi-functional displays and smart devices.

The units have been developed to eliminate guesswork and to be a simple-to-install, mess-free, plug-and-play system able to measure black water, grey water, fresh water, and even fuels such as diesel and petrol tank contents precisely and accurately.

The system takes around 15 minutes to fit and set up via a mobile phone, and features stepless calibration from 0-100% and wireless monitoring directly to any smartphone.

The sensor measures 65mm high x 90mm wide and works with tanks from a maximum depth of 2 meters (78 inches) to a minimum of 0.2 meters (7.8 inches).

For plastic and fiberglass tanks, the sensor is mounted with pre-installed 3M tape. For metal tanks, a hole (min. 50 mm) is required to be able to measure correctly.

The new Gobius C Adapter is compatible with the standard hole that is used for KUS, Wema’s, and other tank gauges (44mm in diameter).


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