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World first from Evoy, ABCO and BlueGrid

Electric propulsion manufacturer Evoy, clean energy provider BlueGrid, and aluminium boat manufacturer ABCO, have successfully demonstrated what is believed to be the world’s first high-power vessel-to-grid (V2G).

The V2G technology makes it possible for energy services from batteries onboard idle electric vessels to be sold to the grid, bringing new revenue for electric vessel owners.

While plugged in, electric vessels can also bridge gaps in wind and solar electricity generation by providing grid support during peak electricity supply and demand periods without negatively impacting vessel operations.  

“Combating climate change and achieving net zero requires substantial contributions from the maritime sector,” explained Leif Stavøstrand, Evoy CEO. “[This] announcement is a world-first for the electric boating industry and a key milestone in the maritime sector’s transition to electric.”

He added: “Electric vessels are not only zero-emission; their battery capacity can also deliver crucial support to the grid, amplifying the potential to utilise renewable energy and further reduce emissions on a macro-scale.”

“This is the next step in evolution of the marine industry.”

Colin Ross, R&D coordinator, ABCO Industries

And he explained that V2G requires technical integration across marine electrification and utility supply chains.

This vessel-to-grid success required the real-time integration of Evoy’s electric propulsion system in a boat built by ABCO, and BorgWarner’s bi-directional charger, overseen by BlueGrid technology to enable optimal grid integration and interaction. 

“The collaboration between BlueGrid, Evoy, ABCO and leading V2G charging system manufacturer BorgWarner verifies that vessel-to-grid is commercially feasible with the potential to accelerate the adoption of electric vessels around the world,” said Andrew Boswell, CEO of BlueGrid.

The ABCO boat is a 32ft former police boat which has been salvaged, recycled, and retrofitted with an Evoy Inboard Hurricane motor system.

The Hurricane propulsion system delivers 400 continuous horsepower (300kW) and 800 horsepower (600kW) at peak output. 

“This is the next step in evolution of the marine industry, and we intend to be at the forefront delivering robust, recyclable aluminium hulls as well as hybrid and zero emission vessels,” concluded Colin Ross, R&D coordinator, ABCO Industries.


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