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WhisperPower system installed by Pedro Boat

WhisperPower has delivered a hybrid energy system to Pedro Boat for its H2home cruise edition.

Pedro Boat was looking for a solution for its H2home cruise edition floating vacation home which needed to be equipped with a sustainable and silent energy supply system.

Energy solutions company WhisperPower was approached to take on the challenge.

Pedro Boat wanted to equip the H2home cruise edition with a hybrid energy system that would be powerful and quiet.

The requirements included a system capable of powering the boat electrically using a 25kW electric motor while charging a 53kWh battery bank that didn’t exceed 1m in height for installation of the energy system.

After consultation sessions, WhisperPower designed a customised energy system for the H2home.

The core of the system is a horizontal 48V DC battery bank connected to a Combi 25kW electric motor.

The battery bank, designed to fit within the limited height space of 1m, was designed for even charging and discharging of the batteries, for optimal service life and reliability.

Two WhisperPower Converters (WPCs) have been installed to convert energy from the battery bank to 230V AC, providing power to the onboard appliances.

The roof of the H2home cruise edition is equipped with solar panels to charge the battery bank with solar energy, reducing dependence on the Yanmar diesel engine.


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