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New Gunboat 80.02 launched

The new Gunboat 80.02 AGAVE has been launched, incorporating the latest race boat technology to optimise the cruising catamaran platform.

AGAVE was commissioned by a decorated performance sailor who wanted a family cruising vessel suitable for novices and professionals alike.

The catamaran has been engineered to sail at wind speed from 5 knots of breeze and capable of top speeds over 30 knots.

The craft has been designed by Gunboat together with VPLP, Christophe Chedal Anglay and Patrick le Quement, based on a platform built in full prepreg carbon fibre, engineered with allowances to offer a very flexible ‘box rule’ customisation concept.

The catamaran is 80ft long and 32ft wide, with Gunboat stating it is a serious contender for Flagship status within the fleet.

“AGAVE’s two-year build represents many hours across various departments to achieve exceptional performance and interior optimisations centered on their cruising program,” said a Gunboat spokesperson.

“Strict, thorough and precise, every decision was weighed (literally) and evaluated for quality, safety, performance and efficiency.”

The craft is built using an ultra-lightweight, high-tech construction of the superstructure and bulkheads in prepreg carbon fibre in collaboration with Fibre Mechanics and Multiplast.

Simulator testing

A custom spars package by Lorima features a 31m rotating mast, box boom with outriggers, longeron, and crossbeam – all constructed in pregreg, autoclave cured, high modulus carbon fibre.

In simulator testing with VPLP, the t-foils reduced pitching by around 30% in the Caribbean swell, while increasing average speeds.

The coach roof-stepped mast is positioned further aft than previous Gunboat designs, for a more balanced sail plan and centre of gravity.

Other features include lifting, retractable T-rudders designed to improve life at sea and at anchor.

The catamaran has a minimum draft of 1.3m

Straight, asymmetrical daggerboards with self-aligning bearings have been designed for easy handling at cruising speeds. 

AGAVE also has upgraded rigging and deck hardware throughout, from ECSix standing rigging to titanium fittings.

There is also a comprehensive hydraulics system by HydrauNautic with pressure sensors and quick release system serving the mainsheet, cunningham, outhaul/boom pusher, traveller, daggerboards, and tack line.

The vessel incorporates Gunboat’s trademark forward cockpit, with hydraulic winches to handle halyards, reefing lines, daggerboards, tack lines and furling lines.

A custom metallic paint job reflects 12,000 hours of technical prep and paint work.


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