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Vision Marine commissions new battery production facility

Vision Marine Technologies has commissioned its new state-of-the-art lithium battery production facility in Pompignac, France with partner Neogy, a subsidiary of Startek Energy Group.

The new facility is aimed at providing a competitive advantage for Vision Marine in the rapidly growing electric boat market with the provision of a consistent supply of superior-quality, high-voltage batteries.

“The use of HV batteries in the nautical industry demands a very high level of safety and mastery of the technology,” explained Xavier Montagne, CTO of Vision Marine. “It’s not just a matter of designing the right battery but also of producing it.

“We immediately identified Neogy because of its mastery of the technology, but it was certainly their exemplary factory that convinced us.”

François Enez, sales director at Neogy, highlighted the readiness of the facility: “We are proud to have achieved the same level of excellence in design and production.

“The new European standards for Li-ion batteries are due to come into force in 2026, with a genuine identity card to be introduced for each battery produced.”

Industrial expertise

“This will enable the life of the battery and cells to be tracked from design to production. Not many manufacturers will be able to adapt to these new constraints, and we know that our industrial expertise will be a decisive asset.”

Neogy has already entered the mass production phase for customers in a wide range of markets, including agricultural robotics, electric mobility, and marine applications.

The company has invested in machinery, enabling it to reach a production capacity of 500 MWh per year.

Alongside the Pompignac facilities, the company also has air hubs in Paris and Madrid.

Vision Marine is also refocusing its efforts on advancing the E-Motion electric powertrain technology, a shift in focus that is marked by the pending sale of its electric boat rental operations in Newport Beach, US.

The company plans to maintain its electric boat rental operations at its Ventura, CA and Palm Beach, FL locations.

This transaction, which is expected to close next month, will secure a fresh stream of operating funds for further technological development and production.


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