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RAD Propulsion receives future transport grant

RAD Propulsion is to benefit from a £1.8 million future transport fund.

The electric drive manufacturer has created a prototype that will improve deliver services using waterways.

The prototype will make ‘last blue mile’ parcel deliveries on UK waterways, aiming to cut road congestion and emissions and improve air quality.

“With road congestion at an all-time high, exacerbated by the demand for parcel deliveries due to the popularity of online shopping, we saw an opportunity to use our technology to make a positive impact on the environment,” explained a RAD Propulsion spokesperson.

“Our RADBus architecture developed for the RAD 40 electric drive will support an on the water prototype for the ‘last blue mile’ robotic delivery solution, completing the final stage of the delivery process through an automated, clean, electric marine system.

“This project will demonstrate how smart use of the waterways in many inland and coastal areas could make a real difference to road traffic and air pollution.”

RAD Propulsion is one of 41 companies that will share the UK government Transport Research and Innovation Grant.

The grants have been awarded to help innovators develop new concepts to tackle pressing transport issues.

The grants are funded by the Department for Transport (DfT), United Kingdom and delivered by Connected Places Catapult.

RAD Propulsion was founded in 2018 and has developed a flexible propulsion system. The company’s RAD 40 electric outboard provides 40kW of continuous power and has been developed to be ready for RADBus smart technologies including an onboard control and data network.

A RAD 120 Drive and RAD 2 Drive are under development.


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