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Three new products from Buoycatcher

When Adrian Haylett, founder, came up with the concept of an interchangeable head, telescopic boat hook, he didn’t realise quite where the idea would take him.

Now, he’s moving production to the UK and is about to launch three new products.

These are a thermoplastic boat hook manufactured from 100% recycled plastics, which Adrian believes is a world first, a threaded adaptor which will enable the boat hook pole to be fitted with a variety of brush heads and the precision engineered stainless steel Buoycatcher-Max designed to feed up to 24mm mooring lines through difficult buoys.

“Our products have moved on massively since our conception in 2020 and we are about to start making more of our products here in England rather than buying in form overseas,” he explained.

“One product on board will now do multiple jobs.”

The new threaded adaptor
The new threaded adaptor

Extensive research and testing has been carried out and the products are based on what the boaters wanted and feedback on what worked.

Adrian added: “All the products apart from the poles themselves will be manufactured here in the UK which is unique. We’re going into production from mid-February.

“Previously our products were manufactured in China and we’ve had issues with shipping, fluctuating interest rates and exchange rates and tariffs.

“Moving production back to the UK protects us against all these things so we’ll have no supply issues.

“We have a great skill set here in the UK, I don’t know why more people don’t carry out manufacturing over here. Previously expensive labour was an issue but nowadays everything is fully automated so there’s minimal labour involved once the production process has been set up.

“We will now get a consistent supply and a quality project.”


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