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£7m investment for MDL Marinas

MDL Marinas investing £7m across its marinas in the 2023/24 financial year, with £1.3m allocated for significant upgrades to Torquay Marina in Devon.

The proposed investment will incorporate two of the marina’s largest pontoons being upgraded, as well as installation of a new visitors’ pontoon.

Works will begin in January 2024 and will include replacing the majority of the main walkway, as well as replacing sections and re-piling A Pontoon to widen the basins, replacing sections and fingers on the majority of B Pontoon, and re-piling for larger berths which will be able to accommodate boats up to 17.6m.

Alongside the pontoon works, MDL will renovate the facilities block, which will include a new boiler installation.

MDL has built a new recycling compound at Torquay Marina
MDL has built a new recycling compound at Torquay Marina

“It’s essential for us to continue to invest in our infrastructure: dredging, pontoons, quay walls and berth holder facilities, because the quality of customers’ experience is important to us,” explained Michael Glanville, MDL Marinas MD.

“For this financial year alone, we are investing £7m across our network of UK marinas, with another £30m planned over the next five years.”

Other works undertaken in recent months include a new recycling compound, introducing general waste and recycling bins, works to the car park.

“Whether visible or not, large or small, in money or time, all our investment is made with our customers in mind, so they can enjoy the best experience possible,” added Michael. “This has been our ethos over the last 50 years and will help continue to drive our success for the next 50.” The works are scheduled to be completed by the end of March.


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