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Significant step forward for Aqua superPower

Aqua superPower is to launch AquaLink, a technology aimed at transforming the charging experience for electric boat users.

AquaLink is integrated into the Aqua app and allows electric boat users to connect the charging cable to their vessel, initiating the charging process without any additional steps. Behind the scenes, boat identification, authorisation, and billing are handled within Aqua’s back-office system.

Aqua superPower drew on experience from the automotive sector to develop the technology which is aimed at eliminating barriers to the adoption of electric mobility related to on-the-go charging.

“AquaLink represents a significant step forward in our mission to make electric boat charging as seamless as possible,” explained Adam Marshall, chief technology officer of Aqua superpower.

“Through our continuous commitment to the development of our software platform, we are breaking down barriers and providing a level of convenience that surpasses traditional refuelling.”

AquaLink harnesses the open charge point protocol (OCCP), the industry-standard open-source protocol for communication between charging stations and central backend charging management systems.

Using the OCPP authorise command, AquaLink sends the unique vessel identifier to the Aqua back-office management system, offering advanced features such as assigning multiple vessels to a single account.

The app is compatible with most electric boats accepting a Combined Charging System (CCS) connector.

The technology is due to be launched at the 2024 Venice Boat Show.


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