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New water heaters on show at METSTRADE

Wallas is to show its new range of water heaters at METSTRADE 2023.

The 3kW Viking and 5kW Spartan water heaters incorporate new intelligent water heating technology developed to create a ‘home-like’ environment on boats.

The water heating system heats 50% of the domestic hot water with a glycol-water mixture using Wallas’ hot water tank.

The same heating system can be connected to a water-circulating radiator, floor heating, or a cabin fan heater according to cabin size and personal preference.

Wallas' advanced water heater control panel
Wallas’ advanced water heater control panel

A smart control panel allows users to control the temperature of the boat and domestic hot water with thermostats and the water heaters also come with room temperature measurement function, allowing users to monitor the precise temperature of different spaces using a wireless temperature sensor.

The Wallas Remote app allows boaters to start the heater and arrive at a preheated boat.

During hot summer weather, the system can be set to summer mode from the control panel, which heats only the domestic hot water and not the already warm interior.

When used with Wallas’ newly designed 16L and 24L domestic hot water tanks, users can have continuous showers for up to 24 minutes while the heater is running, depending on which heater is connected to the system.

If the heater is not running, the shower time is up to 15 minutes, depending on which tank is connected to the system.

The temperature sensor in the hot water tank automatically starts the heater when the faucet is opened.


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