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New sustainable boatbuilding company launched

A new boatbuilding company has been launched with the mission to produce all its boats in such a way as to not alter the natural balance of CO2, methane and other climate-changing gases.

ECO Yachts has been founded by the faces behind nlcomp – patent-holders of the recyclable composite material rComposite, which will be used in the brand’s boats.

The company has already launched its first craft, the ecoracer30 and says the time was right to introduce a brand dedicated to sustainable boats.

“We will manufacture these boats by applying the expertise our team gained during the development of rComposite and the production of our first prototypes,” said ECO Yachts Fabio Bignolini.


“In addition to using a recyclable composite material, we have taken a further step towards comprehensive sustainability. This includes the use of recyclable molds, state-of-the-art sails, and advanced propulsion systems.”

In addition, onboard equipment and systems will be powered by renewable sources: solar, hydraulic and wind energy.

The hulls of the boats will be designed with the aim of facilitating end-of-life dismantling, following the principle of ‘designing for disassembly’.

By using rComposite technology, ECO Yachts say it will be possible to recycle and give a second life to the composite material used to build the hulls.

New line

The company is also planning a new line of foiling electric motorboats, designed as a tender for megayachts.

The climate-neutral strategy for the ECO Yachts models has been verified by the independent verification body Climate Standard whose assessment covers the production process, from the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of the boat to the customer, ensuring that all CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases are offset.

The boats will be manufactured in Monfalcone, Italy. A second ecoracer30 is currently in production with delivery scheduled for the end of October 2023.


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