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Scorpion RIBS acquired by Twisted Marine

Twisted Marine announced the acquisition of Scorpion RIBS which went into administration earlier in 2024.

The acquisition is aimed at continuing the British brand of luxury RIBS that was founded in 1996 and was known for its high-performance rigid inflatable boats.

It is understood production on new builds will begin immediately with new Twisted Scorpion RIBs introduced with improved design and capabilities.

“Back in March I was sad to learn that after 25 successful years, Scorpion RIBs had fallen foul of trading conditions and slipped into administration,” said Charles Fawcett, founder of Twisted Automotive and Twisted Marine.

“When we first visited them in 2022 to discuss our own RIB builds, I was blown away by the quality of these craft, the unbelievable seakeeping and the credibility they had earned through holding more speed and endurance records than any other boat maker.

“Scorpion is one of those business’s that is unique in its space, its future should be nailed on based on its past achievements.

“We (Twisted) wanted to be part of the future of Scorpion, and we are very happy to say we will be.”

By revitalising Scorpion RIBs, we are preserving a great brand and exploring new opportunities for growth.

And he added that Scorpion RIBs are known for quality, innovation, and performance, which aligns with Twisted’s own values.

“By revitalising Scorpion RIBs, we are preserving a great brand and exploring new opportunities for growth,” said Charles.

“We want to assure all Scorpion RIBs enthusiasts and customers that we are dedicated to maintaining the high standards of craftsmanship and performance they expect.”

Patrick Byrne, owner of Scorpion RIBs, said he was pleased Scorpion RIBS would be continuing.

“After 16 years building the Scorpions, I am pleased to see Scorpion continue in the capable hands of Twisted, a British company with a great engineering heritage,” he said.

Twisted Marine is an offshoot of Twisted Automotive which specialises in modified Land Rover Defenders.

Twisted’s engineering experience will be used to enhance Scorpion RIBS’ production capabilities and product development.


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