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Electric propulsion and hydrogen driveline companies partner

Electric propulsion systems company EPTechnologies and Hyrex AS, developer of advanced hydrogen drivelines, are partnering with the aim of transforming the maritime sector through innovative hydrogen propulsion technology.

The companies say the collaboration marks a significant milestone in both companies’ commitments to sustainability and clean energy solutions.

By combining EPTechnologies’ experience in electric propulsion with Hyrex AS’s advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology, the partnership will focus on developing and commercialising hydrogen-electric drivelines for small pleasure boats and commercial vessels.

The collaboration is expected to offer enhanced efficiency, reduced emissions, and superior performance.

“This partnership with EPTechnologies represents a thrilling leap forward in our mission to innovate within the maritime industry,” said Eirik Malterud, CEO of Hyrex. “Our combined efforts will accelerate the adoption of hydrogen technologies in marine applications, ensuring a cleaner, greener future for all.”

The partnership will also focus on research and development, aiming to tackle the current challenges in hydrogen storage and fuel cell durability.

“EPT is proud to partner with Hyrex to lead the future of sustainable transportation, merging our expertise in electric propulsion with their advanced hydrogen propulsion technology,” said Marco Ottiker, COO and owner of EPTechnologies.

“Together, we can deliver ground-breaking, eco-friendly solutions that push the boundaries of clean energy and revolutionise the marine industry.”


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