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New lightweight carbon tiller extension

Barton Marine has launched an enhanced range of strong, lightweight carbon tiller extensions suitable for all dinghy types. 

The new extensions are available in a choice of laser blue, ruby red, black with gold weave and hot pink, with the option to custom order special colours.  

“Sailing is all about having fun, so the equipment we use on the water should reflect that,” said Suzanne Blaustone, Barton Marine CEO.

“With brilliant colours merged with this innovative high-performance technology, we feel the optimal balance is achieved.”

The extensions are available in lengths of 975mm, 1250mm and 2500mm with a standard 22mm diameter to suit any class of dinghy.

They are Laser and ILCA class legal and suitable for most dinghy classes.

Manufactured in the UK as a partnership with carbon fibre company CF by L and L using an advanced carbon fibre construction process designed to be robust and durable.

The new extensions have a grip that is moulded directly into the carbon fibre finish and runs almost the entire length of the extension starting 20cm from the universal joint.

The three standard tillers lengths weigh 200g for the 975mm, 262g for the 1250mm and 500g for the 2500mm.

 The universal joint is held in place using a torx screw to enable it to be swapped out for a dinghy specific unit or to allow for maintenance.


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