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ePropulsion electrifies 700 bamboo rafts

Electric propulsion company, ePropulsion, has electrified 700 bamboo rafts of Guilin Li River, China, in the first phase of a project to convert more than 2,000 of the traditional craft.

The rafts have been fuelled by traditional combustion engines exposing the area to air, water, and noise pollution for decades.

To combat this, ePropulsion collaborated with the local government to deliver the custom, electric propulsion systems, which were fitted to the rafts.

The new motors feature an integrated design, incorporating a digital display screen, throttle handle module, cooling system, propeller, and transmission shaft. They deliver a maximum power of 9kW.

The rafts also offer a large-capacity battery system and a newly developed propeller design to boost efficiency and hydrodynamic performance.

At full power, the ePropulsion electric propulsion systems offer a minimal noise level below 60 decibels.

“We’re thrilled to have played a key role in developing sustainable boating along the River Li,” said Danny Tao, co-founder and CEO of ePropulsion. “The beautiful landscape will be preserved for years to come with our ecological solutions, and our unique noise-reducing technology will ensure a boost in tourism to this idyllic and scenic environment.

He added: “The gradual delivery and use of pure electric sightseeing rafts marks the official entry of Li River tourism into the new energy era, propelling the project to the forefront of solving the environmental pollution problem of fuel-powered rafts in the region.”


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