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New Wave Club expands to Torquay

Boat and jetski membership club, New Wave Club, is expanding with a new base in Torquay, UK.

The club, which has its headquarters in Poole, will open its newest facility on June 1 2024.

The new venture will be headed by Glenn Heal who formerly worked for Jet Set Go Adventures, a guided coastal tour company located in Devon.

“We are thrilled to introduce New Wave Club Torquay, filling a crucial gap in the local watersports scene,” he said. “Our expansion aligns perfectly with the growing interest in jetskiing, catering to both novice enthusiasts seeking guided experiences and seasoned riders looking for independent adventures.”

New Wave Club Torquay will offer members jetski access and a range of member-exclusive events, both on and off the water.

Growing network

“I’m thrilled to be opening a new location in Torquay, adding to our growing network,” said Ross Ceaton, owner of New Wave Club. “It represents a seamless extension of our esteemed jetski and boat membership business, which has thrived since 2009.

“This expansion into an equally impressive coastline as our Poole base perfectly aligns with our core mission: to make jetskiing and boating as convenient and affordable as possible. I have full confidence in Glenn’s ability to uphold these values on the Riviera coastline.”

The club also aims to build community-links and social engagement, hosting a variety of member events to build a sense of community among enthusiasts.

“The social aspect is integral to our club’s ethos, and I’m honoured to lead this endeavour alongside mentor Ross, whose guidance has been invaluable throughout my career,” added Glenn.


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