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First showing for new M Class beacon

Wescom Group’s new sMRT V300 Class M Man Overboard emergency distress beacon will be shown for the first time at the Navalia Ship Building Exhibition in Vigo.

The sMRT V300 is the latest in the new series of emergency distress beacons from Wescom Group. 

The product is a commercial-grade man-overboard device and offers an extended signalling range to enhance localised man-overboard alerting, locating and recovery.

Features include automatic water activation technology, audible and visual indicators, and multiple fixing options for life jackets.

“The sMRT V300 is a step forward in man overboard beacon technology building on MRT’s class leading offshore distress beacon range,” said Wescom Group VP marine sales David Duffin.

Accelerated alerting features

“The sMRT V300 meets the latest Class M AIS/DSC requirements and is easy to fit to lifejackets and has accelerated alerting features including water activation.”

Other features of the sMRT V300 are two-way signalling, real-time location tracking via AIS (Automatic Identification System), a 121.5MHz homing frequency, and the use of DSC (Digital Selective Calling) to alert nearby vessels to calls for help.

The sMRT V300 is one of the first commercial products on the market designed to meet the new Class M regulation ECC Decision (22)02, which will restrict AIS-only MOB device use of core AIS channels in certain countries from January 2025.

Devices will need GNSS and an internal DSC receiver to be compliant with the new regulations.

The sMRT V300 Class M Man Overboard device is manufactured at Wescom Group’s facility in Hull, UK.

The Navalia Ship Building Exhibition takes place from May 21-23 2024.


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