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New rig sensor from Cyclops Marine

Cyclops Marine has developed a new wireless load sensing solution for yachts of between 45ft to 55ft.

Smarttune 1” has upgraded electronics that have been developed to make it easier to use. The sensors also make sailing simpler than ever, allowing users to set up to an efficient setting and repeat it, for easier, more comfortable passages.

smarttune 1” is installed in place of an existing turnbuckle and connects wirelessly to onboard displays and mobile devices.

Having one installed on each cap shroud gives users a live overall picture of the loading of their rig.

Smarttune 1” can be wirelessly charged
Smarttune 1” can be wirelessly charged

“The risk of rig failure is a lurking concern and can lead to costly repairs and safety hazards,” said a Cyclops spokesperson.

“When bringing the technology into the cruising world, Cyclops had to innovate to make the data user friendly and useful.

“In collaboration with marine instrumentation specialists B&G, they introduced an intuitive dial, which displays data in green, amber or red to indicate safety level.”

Data can be displayed across all other major marine instrumentation and is logged in the Cyclops’ smartfittings manager app.

The sensor has bumped up Bluetooth range to deliver uninterrupted monitoring and is now wirelessly charged (rather than using replaceable batteries).

The wireless chargers can be applied to the sensor while it is installed and charging can take place in one hour, providing up to 120 days of battery life.


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