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New Mini Controller from Zipwake

Zipwake’s new Mini Controller provides an alternative to a touchscreen multi-function display.

The Mini Controller acts as an ‘eyes-free’ remote control for the Zipwake App, giving boaters system control for optimum trim without using a touchscreen.

The controller complements Zipwake systems that are equipped with the Integrator Module and MFDs.

Boaters can either let the Zipwake system work automatically or make manual adjustments with the control wheels.

When connected to the Integrator Module, the Mini Controller’s built-in GPS enables the trim control system to operate automatically without requiring an external GPS source.

The controller’s Key Sense can also be connected to the engine ignition for automatic system power-on.

It can be installed in a place that is convenient to the crew such as in the cockpit or in a flybridge.

The controller is compatible with all Zipwake system components and is available as an accessory or spare part.


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