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New hybrid marine VHF/LTE radio from ICOM

Icom UK has launched Icom’s latest innovation, the IP-M60 hybrid marine VHF/LTE radio.

Designed to meet the evolving needs of maritime professionals, the IP-M60 combines the reliability of traditional VHF communications with the versatility of 4G LTE connectivity providing users with communication covering both land and sea.

The IP-M60 integrates two modes of communication into one handheld device, VHF marine and 4G LTE.

Marine VHF is commonly used for communications and maritime safety worldwide and land-based 4G LTE technology is used to make calls over any distance within a cellular (4G LTE) coverage area.

This allows the IP-M60 to be used anywhere maritime and business communications are required.

It can also be used in situations such as rescue boats that need to co-ordinate with search and rescue agencies and in the operation of yacht regattas.

The device has dual-mode operation, allowing users to operate VHF and LTE modes simultaneously, monitoring and communicating with both types of users.

LTE network connectivity provides long-range communications and enables mariners to communicate efficiently even when they are far from the shore.

The IP-M60 series is compatible with Icom UK’s RMS-IP LTE radio dispatcher.

A built-in GPS automatically transmits positional data at programmed intervals, allowing a maritime organisation to monitor and communicate with its crew using IP-M60 radios.


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