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Arcadia Yachts expands into the US

The Italian Yacht Group (IYG) is to represent Italian based Arcadia Yachts in the US marketplace.

Arcadia launched its first yacht in 2010 – the 85ft Solar which has since been renamed Good Life.

The brand now has six different models – the A85, A96, A105, A115, and two Sherpa models, a 60 and an 80, that were inspired by the shadow vessel trend seen in the superyacht world.

The models are also known for their larger cockpits and flybridges. The interiors have sole to ceiling windows. Thermal-insulating glass is used to reduce the need for air-conditioning.

The hulls have been designed with efficiency in mind alongside solar-power options. Photovoltaic panels are integrated into the yachts’ superstructures to primarily help with powering the generators.

IYG will help to sell the yachts, which are known for their priority on interior volume and liveability, to the American domestic market.

“We are very excited to welcome Arcadia into the IYG lineup,” says IYG sales director Boomer Jousma. “These boats offer a really intoxicating mix of high design, interior volume, and an eye toward ecological soundness that we believe is ready made for an American market that prizes all of those attributes.

“We envision selling many of these boats, both in South Florida and New York, and are proud to be helping this relatively new brand deepen its footprint in the United States.”


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