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Marine lighting manufacturers collaborate

Marine lighting manufacturers Perko and DuraBrite are to collaborate with the aim of bringing advanced LED technology to a wider range of recreational and commercial boats in the marine marketplace.

The partnership will use DuraBrite’s patented technologies, such as advanced thermal management systems, proprietary energy efficiency circuitry, and highly engineered optics control in a series of new and upgraded Perko lighting products.

“Customers will have access to the most advanced LED high performance lighting available in the marine marketplace,” said Perko’s vice president of sales and marketing, Michael DeLillo.

“Our current plans call for offering our new Lightship Series which will include standalone assemblies, as well as high output LED retrofit kits to upgrade select models of existing Perko searchlights, and Perko automated searchlight bases, already in service.”

The partnership will also see DuraBrite’s Pro Series, Mini Series and Nano Series relabelled as the Perko Lightship Series from September 2024.

The lights will continue to be built by the same team of technicians on the same production line in the same factory.

Further new models are planned from DuraBrite, targeted to address customer demands.

“We always see ourselves as a market disruptor. This strategic alliance is a testament and recognition to our innovative product design approach and relentless pursuit of excellence.” said Dr CJ Au, co-founder and CEO, DuraBrite.

“Together, with our shared visions aiming at maximising safety, efficiency, and user experience, we will deliver incredible value to our customers, reinforcing our role as pioneers in the marine industry.”

The alliance will also see DuraBrite broadening distribution of its technology through Perko’s sales channels.

Perko’s and DuraBrite products are manufactured in the US.


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