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MAIB publishes interim report into double fatality

A double fatality and the loss of an 11.6m charter vessel is being investigated by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB).

The accident happened off the Caribbean Island of Anguilla on March 11 2023 when the Anguillan registered charter vessel Calypso 2 was swamped by rolling ground seas – a swell that occurs in calm weather and without obvious cause.

An interim report published into the accident by the MAIB states that the four passengers and two crew, none of whom were wearing personal flotation devices, were thrown into the water.

Three passengers and one crew member were rescued by the Anguillan emergency services with assistance from passers-by and taken to hospital. They have since recovered from their physical injuries.


One passenger was recovered from the water and the first mate was recovered from the base of the cliffs in the cove – both were dead.

The boat then broke up on the rocks, with some parts of the vessel later recovered.

Calypso 2 had left on a four-hour trip around the island about 30 minutes before the accident.

Nearby tourists spotted the crew and passengers in the water and raised the alarm.

The investigation has examined various aspects of the accident to determine the causes and circumstances surrounding the swamping and loss of Calypso 2.

The full report – yet to be published – will also assess the hazards and risks of the intended trip, the operational risks presented by small commercial craft in Anguillan waters, and the maritime rescue framework in place at the time.

Calypso 2 is owned and managed by Calypso Charters Ltd.

The weather at the time of the accident was fine and clear with winds of force three to four.


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