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Landmark environmental standard to be developed

The first environmental footprint policy for recreational boats under 24 metres is to be developed.

Led by the European Boating Industry, 16 recreational boat manufacturers and eight industry associations will develop the policy, backed by a database and assessment tool that will allow manufacturers to access the green transition.

The EBI believes that a common approach from the entire marine industry is needed to tackle climate change and reduce environmental impact and the boating industry needs to commit to addressing emissions across the entire life cycle of a boat.

“For the first time, competing manufacturers are committed to jointly addressing the sustainability challenge,” said Robert Marx, EBI president.

“Its outcomes will allow companies of all sizes to access the green transition without greenwashing, reduce environmental impact and proactively shape the regulatory approach in Europe and globally.”

He added: “We need a proactive and pragmatic approach to sustainability and this project will develop the tools that industry needs.”

The threshold of 24 meters has been chosen to align with EU regulations. It will be based on a clear Life Cycle Assessment approach following EU Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules.


The project, which builds on ICOMIA’s ‘Pathways to Propulsion Decarbonisation for the Recreational Marine Industry’ study published in November 2023 will be conducted in two phases.

The first will focus on developing a science-based and transparent environmental footprint policy to harmonise calculation rules.

The second phase will focus on implementing this with a comprehensive materials database and user-friendly calculation tool allowing manufacturers to conduct eco-design and reduce environmental impact.

Manufacturers will also communicate the environmental footprint to consumers, stakeholders, and regulators.

The project, which is industry-financed, has been presented to the EU Commission and received its strong support.

Environmental sustainability consultancy Quantis has been chosen as technical partner.

ICOMIA, the International Council of Marine Industry Associations, is a strategic partner of the project.

Manufacturers, suppliers and stakeholders are being invited to partner with the project to reach a common pathway for the industry’s sustainability challenge.


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