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Enhanced compatibility from Dockmate

Manufacturer of wireless remote controls for yachts, Dockmate, has expanded the integration of its systems with thruster manufacturer Vetus.

Dockmate is now able to connect with Vetus Bow Pro proportional brushless thrusters, allowing boaters with these thrusters to control their boat’s movement from anywhere on board.

“In the realm of thruster solutions available to boaters, Vetus has a sterling reputation for innovation, quality and durability, with the aim of making boating easy and carefree for everyone,” said Dirk Illegems, Dockmate president. “By offering seamless integration, Dockmate’s solutions offer Vetus customers incredible versatility. We are confident that this will make the boating experience more enjoyable by giving boaters even more control over their vessel in challenging situations.”

Sander Gesink, Vetus marketing director, added: “As safe, efficient manoeuvring is one of the most difficult skills to master in boating, an investment in easy docking systems can transform the boating experience.”

He added: “Dockmate’s remote docking system is intuitive and customisable, and we know that our customers will make great use of the extra level of confidence that these systems provide.”


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