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Blue Orca Marine appoints David Gray as naval architect

Blue Orca Marine has appointed David Gray as its in-house naval architect.

David’s maritime career spans various facets of the naval architecture and marine technology sector.

He began at Lloyd’s Register where he gained extensive knowledge in class requirements and survey techniques before transitioning to Brown Brothers, where he made significant contributions to the development of hydrofoil concepts and ship stabiliser design.

He later founded Ace Marine, where he headed projects in hydrofoil research and yacht development, including setting a British Waterspeed Record with the Bolt 18 yacht.

He led the company through its merger with Marine Design International and the subsequent establishment of Vita Yachts highlighted David’s commitment to innovation in marine technology.

Under his leadership, Vita Yachts achieved success in electric powerboat innovations, and his leadership abilities were further demonstrated during his tenure at Morson Projects, where he led the marine division.

In his recent roles at Dales Marine and Seabird Technologies, David focused on developing electrically powered and environmentally sustainable marine solutions.

As in-house naval architect for Blue Orca, David will head the development of the Orca concept, playing a part in overseeing the finalisation of the ORCA vessel design.

He will lead the implementation of marine advancements and technologies to ensure that ORCA remains a state-of-the-art zero-emissions commercial workboat.


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