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Amare Group acquires Navio Link

The Amare Group has acquired hi-tech company, Navio Link.

The Amare Group was founded in Italy in 2013 and specialises in steel and glass working with manufacturers of mechanical products and kinematics in the luxury boats sector.

One of its key products is the wireless ASW Domotic system that provides monitoring of vital components using Navio-Link technology.

“After several years of highly successful collaboration, Amare Group has finalised the decision to acquire Navio Link, marking a new frontier in market expansion, technology integration, and talent acquisition,” explained Jim Boulton, Amare business development director.

“Navio Link proudly boasts the title of being the first wireless Domotic system designed exclusively for yachts.


“The company is celebrated for introducing ground-breaking digital technology that unlocks new and diverse possibilities for domotic control with reduced wiring on board.”

Jim added: “The acquisition of Navio Link is poised to be a transformative event in the business world.”

And he explained that the acquisition paves the way for a new strategic partnership to develop.

The ASW domotic wireless push button product range enables remote control of a relay (receiver) using a push button (transmitter).

Control is via radio transmission, where the transmitter is fitted with a battery or connected to a low voltage power supply (12/24 volt).

The wireless, push button design has been developed to reduce installation time , weight and costs, by eliminating wiring to associated equipment and between the transmitters and the circuit breakers panel.

The technology can be operated remotely.


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