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Complacency is the biggest threat

So picking up on all the information and comments from the start of the boat show season one has to reflect, muses Cardinal Sin.

Do boat shows bring the industry together or expose differences in actions and cultures which only go further to create division.

In these times of intense commercial reality boat shows are one of the few times that all of the sectors from the industry bodies, supply, services and builders all are in the one place, for a few days at least.

However how do you square the circle of boatbuilders complaining about how useless their suppliers are, suppliers complaining about how the builders don’t care about years of relationships, while being used as a free industry bank?

Then both sets of protagonists complaining about the trade associations who juggle to represent them both…

So with all the cats in one sack how do you get them drinking from the same bowl – in some sort of harmony (so to speak).

First create some consensus for a true common cause or for that matter a common enemy.

What should link everyone in the (thankfully still) United Kingdom is the desire to be the best to give all of our customers a truly good experience and leaving them wanting to come back for more. 

How many organisations I wonder are actually their own worse enemy with this aim? 

The enemy which all three protagonists actually struggle with is complacency – the biggest threat of them all.


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