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Vision Marine boat club partnership

Vision Marine Technologies has partnered with JetRide Holding, a Florida members-only boat club.

This alliance marks Vision Marine’s expansion in the growing electric boat rental market, by means of JetRide’s network of 17 boat club locations across Florida.

“We are constantly looking to provide our members with the best and most advanced boating experiences and are proud of our reputation for embracing cutting-edge technologies and innovation,” said Travis Zielasko, CEO at JetRide.

“Partnering with Vision Marine allows us to reflect consumer demand for more sustainable boat practices while setting new standards for excellence and responsibility across the boating industry.”

Vision Marine believes the growth of the electric boat market is being driven by increasing awareness and demand among both seasoned boaters and newcomers.

This partnership is a significant step towards promoting sustainable and thrilling boating experiences

And the organisation says that similarly to the rise of electric cars, electric boats are becoming essential in the boating world.

JetRide renters will have the opportunity to experience Vision Marine’s E-Motion Electric Powertrain, alongside with a variety of other electric products.

“Rental Operations are the perfect platform to promote and showcase our innovative products and serves as the best marketing platform for future boat buyers’ education,” said Alex Mongeon, CEO of Vision Marine. “This partnership is a significant step towards promoting sustainable and thrilling boating experiences.”

The partnership will start in Palm Beach County, Florida, with plans to be rolled out to other locations.

The partnership with JetRide is part of Vision Marine’s strategy to expand its footprint on the East Coast of the United States and follows on from Vision Marine’s partnership with BlueWater Rental in Palm Beach Florida in December 2023.


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