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Two new exclusive models from ENAUTIC

Australian tech company ENAUTIC is to launch new exclusive Founders Editions of two of its models.

The WaveFlyer VOLARÉ received its debut in July 2023.

The craft has patented WaveDrive technology and is capable of reaching speeds of up to 20 knots, with a 100km foiling range, a cruise time of 4.5 hours and a rapid charge time of around one hour.

The craft has already gained a US$10 million order book,

Building on the success of the VOLARÉ, ENAUTIC expanded its line-up with two new electric foiling PWC concepts: The WaveFlyer ROGUE and the WaveFlyer ROGUE-X, which retain the hull and foil package of the original.

The Founders Editions of both the VOLARÉ and ROGUE models maintain all of the features of the original models, with the addition of a new swim platform to enhance the day boat experience.

The Founders Edition series will be built to order using specialised construction methods.

“The Founders Edition craft of the VOLARÉ and ROGUE will be handmade in our development facility, by our tech development team, not mass produced in a factory,” explained Paul Steinmann, ENAUTIC CEO.

“The hulls will be made from pre-preg RFP that is then baked in an autoclave to achieve optimum weight and strength.

“Each hull will be custom painted with two-pack epoxy to a high level of finish. Custom developed high efficiency propellers for the FE craft are in development.”

Production will begin once a minimum order of 20 units for each model is secured.


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