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Sustainable fuel pilot programme launched

A pilot programme for sustainable marine fuels has been launched in Florida, making high-performance, 93 octane, ethanol-free premium fuel available to boaters for the first time at a local marina.

The pilot, taking place at St. Andrews Marina in Panama City, is a joint venture between NMMA, alongside partners Suzuki Marine, Hyperfuels and LyondellBasell and follows research finding there is no one-size-fits-all solution to reduce carbon emissions in recreational boat propulsion due to the variety of diverse boat types and their varied use.

Purfuels is a partially renewable fuel produced by Hyperfuels which has focused on the development of sustainable marine fuels in Texas for several years, first with renewable isobutanol and now with IDEAL EMP from LyondellBasell.

This formulation of Purfuels reduces CO2 emissions by up to 30% more than E10 fuels at the same renewable content and is said to be a first step in reducing carbon emissions from recreational boating.

“As an industry, we’re continually looking at innovative solutions that enhance the boating experience for our country’s nearly 100 million boaters who turn to the water for wellness, adventure and connection to the outdoors,” said Frank Hugelmeyer, president and CEO of NMMA.

The key lies in making these fuels more accessible to the boating public at local marinas and fuel docks.

Brandon Cerka

“Today is a major milestone in our collective industry efforts to make sustainable marine fuels available to boaters and begin to explore how working in partnership with government, we can bring new technologies to market that advance our commitment to the boating public.”

The companies involved in the project point out that sustainable marine fuels can provide immediate carbon emissions reductions from existing boat propulsion systems.

These sustainable fuels can be used in engines without changes or modifications to current fuel systems.

“Sustainable marine fuels have incredible potential to further reduce emissions and lower the environmental impact of recreational boating across the nation,” said Brandon Cerka, general manager of sales and marketing for Suzuki Marine.

“The key lies in making these fuels more accessible to the boating public at local marinas and fuel docks.”


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