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Survitec achieves new training standard

Survival technology company, Survitec, has achieved ISO 23678:2022 1-4 certification.

Survitec’s Marine Training Academy (MTA) received certification to the new ISO training standard.

Simultaneously, the company has also developed a new internal database tool to facilitate technician competence tracking, ensure compliance with certification requirements, and align with audit standards.

The standard was introduced in 2022 to establish the uniform and consistent training of personnel involved in lifeboat inspection, taking into account the mandatory requirements of resolution MSC.402(96).

Achieving the certification was also a key factor in Survitec receiving renewed approval for the maintenance, inspection, and testing of lifeboats on vessels operating under Lloyd’s Register (LR) classification.

“By adhering to the stringent principles incorporated into the ISO 23678 standard, we have significantly broadened our scope of certification, enabling qualified and certified technicians to inspect, maintain and test an increasingly extensive range of equipment supplied by an array of different manufacturers,” said Matt Macfarlane, head of service operations at Survitec.

“Survitec’s achievement ensures customers receive a top-tier service backed by rigorous standards and a commitment to multi-brand service excellence with unmatched authorisations and accreditations from over 70 flag States.”


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