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Sicomin chosen for Candela’s foiling shuttle

Sicomin is to supply a complete package of epoxy resins and adhesives for the new P-12 foiling passenger shuttle from Swedish boatbuilder Candela.

The new, zero emission, 12m passenger shuttle has been manufactured to enable higher journey frequencies and increase utilisation across urban water transit networks.

“Sicomin epoxies have helped us create the lightweight structures that give Candela vessels their game changing performance,” said Karl Fägersten, chief procurement officer at Candela. “Thanks to this, we can provide fast and cost effective, more comfortable, zero emission journeys on our waterways.”

The carbon fibre and epoxy construction has resulted in a low vessel weight that allows Candela to provide operators with capacity for 30 passengers and a range of up to 60 nautical miles at 25 knots.

Less energy

Intended to replace larger, slower, fossil-fuelled ships, the P-12 uses 80% less energy than a conventional ferry.

The vessel has been developed using the same lightweight, infused composite, foiling DNA used for Candela’s earlier C-7 and C-8 leisure craft and is built using the same DNV-GL type approved Sicomin resins and adhesives as the previous models.

Sicomin’s SR1710 epoxy infusion resin has been developed to produces high laminate mechanical properties and performance in hot and wet conditions.

Sicomin’s epoxy adhesive, Isobond SR7200HTG is also used extensively in the P12 construction for bonding of the carbon fibre hull’s internal structure and final assembly of the vessel’s composite components.


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