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Sharrow Marine expands partnership with VEEM

Production is to start on the SHARROW by VEEM propeller following months of design work and testing.

Sharrow Marine, a subsidiary of Sharrow Engineering, has been collaborating with Australia-based VEEM, designer and manufacturer of disruptive, high-technology marine propulsion and stabilisation systems.

The two companies have carried out testing of SHARROW by VEEM prototype designs on VEEM’s 64ft Viking test vessel,

The companies now say the Sharrow Propeller’s features can be replicated for inboard vessel applications.

The companies say their prototype will improve fuel efficiency, reduce vibration and noise, improve handling, and provide excellent reverse thrust, meeting the contractual criteria for progression to the next phase in their partnership.

Bespoke designs

The companies now say they are committed to, and working toward, the manufacture and sale of the SHARROW by VEEM range of propellers for inboard vessels, focusing initially on fulfilling pre-orders to ensure the bespoke designs are optimised for each vessel and then testing the propellers upon installation to validate the comparative results.

This data will be used for expanding the wide range of applications for inboard vessels globally.

“Reaching this milestone with VEEM marks a pivotal moment in our partnership and underscores the effectiveness of Sharrow’s revolutionary propeller designs,” said Greg Sharrow, founder and CEO of Sharrow Engineering and Sharrow Marine. “Our collaboration over the last six months has demonstrated the adaptability of our technology and its potential to redefine standards in this new market sector.”

Mark Miocevich, VEEM MD, added: “We are very pleased to have been able to sign off on the testing phase and now be moving forward with manufacturing and selling the new SHARROW by VEEM range of propellers.

“We expect the design and development process to continue to evolve, continually generating better propellers in shorter time frames which will lead to increased revenue and margins as the product is rolled out.”


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