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Seabird Technologies appoints Devon Boulton-Mills

Creator of the electric foiling race boat, Seabird Technologies, has appointed Devon Boulton-Mills as director of operations.

Devon has operated elite technical teams across the globe and brings experience of solving complex problems at the intersection of technology and people.

He has a track record in shaping product development and operations in diverse industries including electric automotive, airlines, smart cultivation, manufacturing, safety incident management, geology exploration, military strategic planning and video streaming.

His career spans delivering hardware and software products to managing successful AI and data warehousing initiatives.

“Beyond his technical prowess, Devon is a longtime passionate advocate for our sustainable energy transition, making him an ideal leader for our eco-friendly initiatives,” said a Seabird spokesperson.

“His commitment to health and safety makes him a stalwart champion in ensuring our projects not only push boundaries but also the well-being of our people and the environment, he has already contributed greatly to our partnership with E1 Series on this front.” Seabird Technologies is a marine technology start-up that has created the race boats for the E1 World Championship alongside other sustainable solutions.


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