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RAD propulsion partners with Hyrex

RAD has joined forces with Norwegian hydrogen electrical range extender system and boatbuilders Hyrex, to supply and fit its RAD 40 drive to the Hyrex 28.

The RAD 40 electric outboard will be used on the Hyrex 28 day cruiser that features Hyrex’s HyBoost range extender technology.

“With our focus on commercial boats we are pleased to have found a partner that can deliver robust electric solutions suitable for our future product development pipeline,” explained Eirik Malterud, Hyrex CEO.

The RAD 40 provides 40kW of continuous power, equivalent to around 55hp with 400V architecture ready for fast charging.

The motor has been designed so the entire outboard remains behind the transom when it’s tilted up so it doesn’t intrude into a vessel’s deck space.

Easy manoeuvring

It has 180° steering for easier manoeuvring and fully integrated drive-by-wire electric steering.

The outboard is available in long and short shaft lengths and there is no requirement for external steering gear and connections.

The Hydrex 28 is powered with HYREX BOOST 300 – a hydrogen electrical drivetrain system. The system combines a 20kWh battery pack with a 300kWh hydrogen range extender for 20-25 hours of cruise time at 10 knots.

The system works by drawing down the battery first, then using stored hydrogen when extra range is needed.

“Converting boats and vessels over to fuel cell electric drivetrain systems is the only way to enable a more environmental future. Batteries alone just don’t have the energy density to meet all requirements in the market,” said Øyvind Wetteland, Hyrex CTO.


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