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Nimbus to transfer aluminium boat manufacturing to external boatbuilder

Nimbus Group is to outsource all of its aluminium boat manufacturing to an external boatbuilder in Finland.

The decision will involve relocating the remaining 20% of the production of Alukin brand boats that currently takes place at its facility in Norrtälje, Sweden.

The decision from Nimbus is part of an ongoing consolidation and will mean that all the Group’s aluminium boats will be made in one single facility.

The external producer already manufactures Nimbus’s Falcon brand aluminium boats, and the majority of Alukin’s boats.

In addition, aluminium boats are being manufactured for other brands at the facility.

Nimbus says that owing to the facility’s extensive experience in manufacturing aluminium boats as well as its larger volumes and lower cost levels, outsourcing manufacturing will provide greater efficiency for Nimbus Group.

To ensure a high degree of flexibility, Nimbus Group aims to outsource more than half of its total production to external manufacturers.

The decision is subject to the customary negotiations with the trade unions, with around ten employees affected by the decision.


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