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New winches offer a practical solution

Seldén Mast has launched its latest series of patented Race GRIP winch handles, designed to offer a more practical solution to the traditional locking mechanism used for winches.

The handles have been developed to complement Seldén’s new winch program, with the team at Seldén devising a simpler solution for sailors looking for a more efficient release of the winch handle when operating the winches.

The new locking mechanism is now located at the sides and uses long release levers that can be easily squeezed, turning the locking plate and allowing the handle to be engaged and disengaged with greater rapidity.

“It is hard to design something new in a winch handle,” says Rich Thoroughgood, Seldén UK sales manager. “There is a benchmark product in the market that has been doing a great job of giving people what they need for years. The GRIP handle, however, has been very well received.”

He added: “During the testing phase of GRIP, our winch handles were being used on cruising and racing yachts alongside other handles on the market. As soon as a crew member used one of our GRIP handles, they were sold and would argue over who got to use it that day. In a nutshell, GRIP is simple and natural to use – you just grip it and use it.”

Additional features include a low friction palm knob with acetal ball-bearings and a rigid aluminium crankshaft.

The winch handles are manufactured from hard anodised aluminium. Two lengths are available – 8in and 10in.


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