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New Norwegian boat brand launched

boot Düsseldorf has seen the launch of a new high-performance Norwegian boat brand.

CITO Boat AS was founded in 2023 by Rino Berntsen with the first model being the CITO XR7, with a 7.5m length and a 2.54m beam.

Two larger models are also planned – the XR9 with console and bed for two persons and a pilothouse model, the CITO XR11.

The CITO XR7 has a hull with two V-Air steps with a narrow pad to combine the efficiency of a stepped hull with the lift of a traditional V-bottom.

It is a category C boat with a single installation powered by Yamaha F300 with digital electronic steering. The boat will also be available with the new Yamaha F350.

Both engines can be delivered with either digital electronic control or digital electronic steering.


The craft has a reinforced hull with the pontoons constructed from hypalon.

Four highback Ullman chairs have been fitted with shock absorbers in the direction of travel.

The Ullman semi-active progressive shock mitigation system is equipped with twin 150 mm travel shock absorbers, designed for high levels of comfort even in the extreme sea conditions.

The unit is placed on a pedestal and is the result of a modern minimalist idea, while the solution provides more legroom for the driver and passenger.

“We build our boats on experience and will not compromise on quality or sea characteristics,” explained Rino.

CITO boats can be configured to meet differing needs, from high-performance vessels to yacht tenders.


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