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New hybrid Sirena 48

Sirena Yachts has unveiled a new hybrid variant of its entry-level model, the Sirena 48.

The craft follows on from the launch of the Sirena 48 motor yacht at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023.

The three-cabin yacht has a coupé-style coach roof instead of the open-air flybridge. The coach roof has glass and solar panels giving natural light in the saloon area below.

It also reduces the weight and windage of the yacht, improving the performance and range of the electric propulsion.

The solar panels set into the coach roof help to prolong the operating range of the yacht when under electric power.

“The hardtop design is particularly well suited to the hybrid drive system, and offers a remarkable solution in terms of aesthetics while maximising the number of solar panels,” said Sirena Yachts CEO Cagin Genc. “At Sirena Marine, we have been working hard to integrate a robust, meaningful hybrid option for some time. And though we are starting with our latest 48ft yacht model, we are able to implement the solution on any of the yachts in our range, which runs up to 88ft.”

New benefits

The Sirena 48 hybrid is powered by twin 213kW electric motors and has a top speed of 14 knots.

In electric mode it can draw power directly from the large battery bank to cover up to 30 nautical miles before switching on the variable speed generators.

For longer range and faster speed, the two efficient generators will kick in to produce the electricity needed to drive the boat and recharge the batteries.

“By integrating hybrid solutions from e-Motion, Sirena Marine is bringing many new benefits to its yachts,” said Cagin. “Not only can they offer quieter and more comfortable cruising at anchor and under way – we estimate that a hybrid system can reduce fuel consumption by up to 35% and cut maintenance costs by 10 – 15%. With less noise and fewer emissions, a hybrid Sirena Yacht has a lower impact on the environment.” There is a choice of layouts for the both inside and out, different styling choices and equipment levels.


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