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New dual-mode connectivity safety device

Safety and satellite communication company ACR Electronics has launched its latest device, the Bivy Stick MESH.

This device integrates provides dual-mode connectivity combining advanced long range (LoRa) enabled Mesh networking with the Iridium satellite network, creating a self-sustaining, decentralised network for communication without relying on cellular coverage.

“The Bivy Stick MESH is not just a device; it’s a game-changer for outdoor and remote communication,” said Vance Cook, VP of 2-Way Satellite Communication at ACR Electronics.

“By integrating advanced mesh technology with global satellite coverage, we ensure continuous connectivity and safety for workers and adventurers in even the most remote locations. This is satellite enhanced by mesh.”

The device has a waterproof rating of IP67 and has been engineered to withstand harsh impacts and severe weather conditions.

In addition, the device has 145 hours of battery life and a dedicated 24-hour SOS battery reserve that ensures critical emergency signals are maintained even when the main battery depletes.

The LoRa-enabled mesh is a networking communication protocol based on LoRa technology.

Multiple devices using LoRa wireless communication technology form a self-sustaining network that enable real-time messaging and GPS location updates for enhanced team coordination and operational efficiency.


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