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New Aqua Matic water desalination system

The Aqua Matic DP V2 is the latest reverse osmosis water desalination system from Parker Water Purification.

The product adds to the company’s suite of dual pass systems available on a single configurable frame.

The Aqua Matic DP V2 features advanced technology and a multi-stage filtration process that removes the smallest particles and contaminants, delivering ultra-pure water free from impurities and residue.

The design allows conversion from modular to compact, designed to make it a versatile solution for any space.

Its potable water is safe for drinking and cooking, making it suitable for marine and residential applications.

The system is designed to provide spot-free water that can be used for glass cleaning, yacht washing or other applications where water spots can be a problem.

The product is enclosed in a durable aluminium frame for longevity and reliability and has a modular design for easy filter replacement.

“The Aqua Matic DP V2 is a game changer for customers seeking ultra-pure water for their specific needs,” said Paul Kamel, product manager of the Water Purification Division.

“Its advanced technology and multi-stage filtration process ensure that every drop of water is safe for drinking and cooking, leaving no residue or impurities behind.

“It is a product that delivers on its promises, and we are excited to see its positive impact on the market.”

The Aqua Matic DP V2 system produces between 158 to 410 litres per hour of water and is ideally suited for medium-to large-sized yachts and fishing boats.


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