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MariTrace launches new tracking device

Maritime intelligence and ship tracking company MariTrace is to launch its latest tracking device.

Mercury is a secure system that shows a vessel’s position in the MariTrace interface, even when AIS data transmissions are unavailable.

The system can detect loss of connectivity and will also cache a vessel’s position for automatic and on-demand download, which will be transmitted to the MariTrace interface on reconnection.

The transmission provides a GPS position once per minute as default, with the ability to increase frequency as required.

The Mercury system uses a vessel’s network integration system and is compatible with NMEA 0183/2000.

It relays existing GPS and AIS data securely and directly to MariTrace, to be accessed via the interface or API with no requirement to install additional hardware, such as a marine antenna.

Mercury also gives customers the option to share a vessel’s positions with other authorised MariTrace users, such as a vessel insurer or security team.

“Our users consider MariTrace to be the natural choice for vessel-tracking, from assessing risk to understanding supply and demand,” said Thomas Owen, CEO of MariTrace. “Our interactive platform and industry-leading developments empower the smartest decisions for safety at sea in high-risk areas.”


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