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Quick Group acquires Nemo Industrie as part of a major expansion policy 

The Quick Group has acquired Nemo Industrie, producer of nautical components including doors, hatches and portholes.

The acquisition follows that of Sanguineti in April 2023 and Xenta Systems in October 2023.

A further acquisition is planned for the spring of 2024.

“The numerous processes performed to date at Nemo will also enable widespread expansion of production capacity to serve the entire Quick product range,” said Chiara Marzucco, Quick Group CMO.

The latest acquisition is part of Quick’s growth plans following the sale of a majority stake in the business in 2022 to Fondo Italiano d’Investimento SGR and Armònia SGR.

The strategy is already proving successful for Sanguineti Chiavari.

“The goal we aimed for with the acquisition by the Quick Group is to achieve significant growth with an ambitious three-year outlook,” said Lorenzo Cesari, Sanguineti CEO.

“In 2023 turnover increased by 36% and we foresee a further growth of 33% in 2024, in order to reach a turnover doubling by 2026, thanks also to investments of 3.5m euros. 

“The relocation of the company’s headquarters to Casarza Ligure (GE) will allow the company to expand its space by about 6000sqm in total, including about 3,500sqms of covered space, making it possible to absorb the order book (currently full on 2024) and increase production capacity, including a 35% increase in the workforce.”

New technologies

In addition to the acquisitions, the Quick Group has also invested in seven new CNC machines in its flagship company CATT, which supplies aluminium, bronze and stainless-steel components, as well as all the moulds for plastic workpiece parts.

“The Group’s growth drivers that will guide us over the next three years include internal development related to new technologies, to be implemented with new product development, and an external one represented by new acquisitions that will broaden the Group’s offer and expertise,” said Michele Marzucco, Quick CEO.

He added: “We intend to strengthen after-sales service and develop advanced software that will improve the integration of on-board systems. 

“In addition, we will continue development plans in the US market. This will result in the goal of the Group of reaching over 100 million euros.”

There are also plans to expand production areas to 8sqkm.

Nemo Industrie, which manufactures boat accessories for yachts, motorboats and sailboats, was founded in 1969 and has its HQ in Forlì, Italy.


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