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New Tufnol Blocks from Barton Marine

Barton Marine is to reintroduce Tuphblox, the original range of Tufnol Blocks, which the company first manufactured in 1948.

Following the closure of Holland Yacht Equipment (HYE), which has previously supplied the market, Barton is now manufacturing the blocks. The range will be available from August 2023.

Barton Marine is to reintroduce Tuphblox, the original range of Tufnol Blocks

“Barton Marine was the original pioneer of Tufnol blocks and it is fitting that with this gap opening in the marketplace, we are the ones to fill it,” said Jeff Webber, chief commercial officer for Barton Marine.

Barton’s Tuphblox range will be manufactured using OEM Tufnol for maximum performance.

The material has a synthetic resin bonded fabric construction material and is regularly used in marine applications alongside industrial applications due to its high strength, low weight, and conductivity properties.

Combined with 316 marine grade stainless steel and brass bearings, Barton’s high strength Tuphblox will be ultra-durable, free running and highly corrosion resistant.

The blocks will be aimed at classic yachts up to 50ft with sheave sizes between 8-16mm with the aim of providing original aesthetics, superior UV resistance and maximum service life.

Tufnol blocks are also suitable for use aboard commercial vessels and in general industry where practicality, strength and durability are key.


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