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New Propulsion And Batteries Are Game Changer For RS Electrics Pulse 63

RS Electric Boats has announced that the new iteration of the Pulse 63, featuring a RAD40 (electric propulsion system) and increased battery capacity from 46kWh to 63kWh, will be on the market from August 2023.

RS Electric Boats has calculated that the integral RAD40 offers 45 per cent more efficiency than the previous configuration, which was already a significant leap in terms of electric RIBs. The Pulse 63 will have even more speed and range than it previously enjoyed.

Further to this, the new set-up means the Pulse 63 will enjoy extreme manoeuvrability. This is because the RAD40 head unit stays still and only the bottom of its leg swivels. As a result, the propeller can turn 90 degrees in each direction, offering a fantastic 180 degrees – allowing the Pulse to spin in its own length.

“This is the next generation of the Pulse 63,” says Alex Newton-Southon, RS Marine Group co-CEO. “It’s the place we always wanted to get to. It’s super easy to manoeuvre and the new 63kWh battery version will further increase the range.

“It provides an effortless driving experience, produces minimal wake, and is impressively quieter than ever before. Its handling remains unparalleled at any speed. Alongside its remarkable acceleration and capability to reach speeds exceeding 20 knots, the Pulse 63 boasts an exceptionally slow ‘tick-over’ speed, achieved by the propeller rotating at speeds as low as 258 RPM. This results in a calm, controllable manoeuvring/mooring speed of 1.5 knots.”

The RAD40 is made by RAD Propulsion with whom RS Electric Boats has partnered since 2018, on the Pulse 63.

RAD Propulsion says its system is smaller than other conventional equivalents and designed so that the motor doesn’t intrude onto the Pulse’s deck space. Its other benefits include exceptional control and manoeuvrability, minimal maintenance, reduced running costs when compared to fossil fuel powered systems and an overall significant reduction in noise. It supplies 40kW of continuous power (~55hp) and its 400V architecture means it’s compatible with fast charging.

2023 has already been exceptional for RS Electric Boats. The company now has dealers with demo boats across Europe (including the Netherlands, Spain, France and Italy), as well as in the UK. It’s showcased the Pulse 63 in Lake Garda and then enjoyed a hugely successful trial in MDL’s Ocean Village marina, proving the Pulse’s credentials as a fully electric workhorse. RS Electric has also lent its expertise to Cheetah Marine (a sister company within RS Marine Group), which recently launched a 6.3m EV-ready RIB – thought to be the first of its kind on the market.


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